Aergia is the goddess of laziness. She tends to sleep on couches and if transformed modernly, she would be described as a 'couch potato.'


Lazy and boring, she sleeps on anything she sees and eats a lot of food. The only thing she takes interest in doing is that she likes sleeping on vintage-ornate couches. 


Aergia is described as having short hair, and she likes to dress badly with a simple white and short chiton. She doesn't really get out much, and wears the same chiton and never washes it. She also has a tatty old bracelet that she's been wearing for years. It's likely that she's married, because she wears a ring on her fourth finger. 

Modern TransformationEdit

If Aergia were to come to our present time, she would be described as a couch potato, which means a lazy person who never gets out of the house, and eats food and never leaves the sofa while watching some television. 

Greek nameEdit

Aergia's official Greek name is Ἀεργία.