Amphictyonis greek goddess of wine and friendship by matildarose-d55kpkl

Amphictyonis is the goddess of wine, and friendship between nations and countries. Usually the Olympians throw wine parties and get drunk in her honor.  

Amphictyonis - definitionEdit

Her name is actually Demeter's surname, which means 'a toast' when she accomplishes something.


Amphictyonis is described as being a drunk, yet hilarious drinker. She specialises in picking grapes and making them rot for her wine. She loves hosting wine parties and getting drunk.


She is seen wearing grapes attached to a leaf chain on her head, and her dress is described as being 'as light as the colour of wine', and she usually carries a basket around, because she walks and tours in grape fields to pick the greenest or most purple grapes.


The gallery for Amphictyonis can be viewed here.

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