Amphitrite is the goddess and Queen of the Sea. She is married Poseidon so she gained that power. But one day, she fled from him and eventually the dolphin god Delphin persuaded her to return to Poseidon.


Amphitrite is a very competitive person and she wants to keep ocean peace.


Amphitrite is usually seen with a crown or described 'hive' on her head, it additionally has a small star or starfish attached on it. She also possibly is described as being soaking wet all the time, and her hair looks like seaweed.


  • Amphitrite has control over the ocean and its enhabitants. 
  • She also has the control over underwater plants. 


Amphitrite's gallery can be viewed here.

Greek nameEdit

Amphitrite's official Greek name is Αμφιτριτη.