Amphitrite - Goddess Girls
Vital statistics
Position Nereid, saltwater mermaid and nymph of the seas
Age Semi-immortal (biologically 12)
Status Semi-immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Allies Poseidon (possible crush)
Themis (possibly)
Personality Bubbly, social, curious, adventurous
Amphitrite is a newly-introduced character to the Goddess Girls series, so not much is known about her currently, besides the fact that she is a mergirl who attends a special school, as well as having a big crush on Poseidon.

Personality Edit

Amphitrite is a sweet, kind and bubbly girl who is curious about the world and desires to explore it. She cares deeply for her sisters and worries about their safety. Amphitrite is also slightly insecure because of how long it has taken for her to gain her shapeshifting powers. She loves her sister Thetis but is a bit jealous about her sister's skills.

Appearance Edit

She has a hair style similar to Aphrodite. Amphitrite has ocean turquoise hair with lighter turquoise streaks. She has dark teal eyes, pale skin and pale pink lips. Since she is a mermaid, she has a scaly, iridescent, fish-like tail instead of legs.

Outfits Edit

Amphitrite wears in a lot of seashell and jewelry around her head and hair. Unlike the other students, she only wears a top. She has coral pink sleeves with a hot pink sequin with many pale yellow pearls across her shirt. She wears two bracelets and seahorse earrings. On land, her tail becomes a golden chiton.

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