Ariadne is the immortal wife of Dionysus, the god of wine and madness. Despite Medusa's affections for him, she was deceased and slayed by Perseus anyways. She has many versions of her story, such as Artemis killing her, her ship was attacked and people abandoned her in her sleep, and other endings that are slightly happier. Either way, Dionysus found her sleeping and rescued her off her ship. She was very unlucky in the past. In some other stories, she was also granted immortality because of these close scrapes. 


Ariadne understands that she was very unlucky in the past, but she is thankful that she is immortal anyways.

Goddess GirlsEdit

Ariadne got first featured in "Athena the Proud", and she is the giddy princess of Crete, and the daughter of the arrogant and slightly frightening King Minos. In there, she becomes good friends with Heracles' cousin, Theseus immediately. There, she asks Aphrodite for advice in attempt to befriend him, as she shown an amount of interest him throughout the book. Although, she is seen as a mortal in Goddess Girls.


Ariadne wasn't really considered very smart in Athena's opinion, but Athena was then proved wrong, due to her overlooking and underestimating of Ariadne's giddy, intelligent, girly character. 


Aphrodite - Aphrodite enjoys Ariadne's taste in her scarves, and critiques over her hand-knitted scarf as well. She admires Ariadne's accessorizing taste. Aphrodite also encourages 

Athena - Athena, underestimating Ariadne and her innovativeness, immediately liked Ariadne however feels suspicions for her father.

Theseus - Ariadne and Theseus have a crush on each other. Ariadne was the first admirer of Theseus, and later the feeling became mutual. Ariadne did a lot for Theseus. She snuck up on Hermes' chariot and hid there as a stowaway. 

Greek nameEdit

Ariadne's official Greek name is Αριαδνη. 

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