Faded second Rainbow
Arke Aellopus
Vital statistics
Position Former messenger of the gods, twin sister of Iris, messenger of the Titans, bad
Age Any age
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Allies here
Personality Personality
Goddess of Faded second rainbows, weather.
Status Immortal (alive)
Popularity Unpopular

Arke is Iris's "evil" twin sister and actually both were supposed to be the female messengers of Mount Olympus, therefore Zeus rewarded wings to both of them. But Arke misused this privilege and decided to deliver secret information to the Titans. Zeus was furious and ripped her wings off. In some other versions of the myth, Zeus burned her wings off. 


Before she was just like her sister, but now she is ruthless and selfish, she considers herself as a Titan. She also does not like being compared to her sister, Iris, but still takes pride into being a Titan. 

Greek nameEdit

Arke's official Greek name is Αρκη.


Iris is her official enemy, after her team up with the Titans, she became glum, negative, neglected and lifeless. Although Iris is sweet-tempered, sibling rivalry would be very typical in this situation, though it would be a very stereotypical prediction that twins get along a lot.

Roman nameEdit

Despite not doing much with her name, her name is Arce in Roman. Like Iris, however Iris is called Arcus in Roman.


  • Arke is seen as the faded second rainbow around the waterfall. 
  • She and Iris both founded one of the Star Signs, Gemini. 


Arke's appearance included her wings, but since Zeus ripped them off she joined the Titans, when Cronus gave her wings. Before, Iris and Arke had wings, but Arke was merely living in her shadow, so Iris' wings were never outshone. Now she has dark wings. Arke also wears dark attire. 


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