Polls - poll number eight

As a kind, honest month, what personality flaws do you have?

I'm too demanding. Maybe I need to do things by myself for once. -Hera

I'm just always paranoid. Can't seem to stop shooting at things. -Artemis

I'd say that I'm kind of stubborn and ignorant at times. I know it's not like me to say this, but I am. -Athena

I can be impatient and insecure, but hey - not even a goddess is perfect! -Iris

I'm too vain. Maybe I should stop saying I'm the prettiest even though I know it's so true. -Aphrodite

I'm too shy and scared of everything. I should toughen up. Mother was wrong about the world. -Persephone

Maybe I get mad too easily? I should be less sensitive and more carefree. -Hestia

I'm too arrogant. Maybe I can change my ways somehow and be more modest. -Antheia

Less of an overprotective person. Maybe I should let Persephone go. -Demeter

Perhaps I'm too competitive and overconfident. -Amphitrite

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