Athena - Percy Jackson

Athena is one of the 12 Olympians, and she sprang full-grown with battle armor out of Zeus' head, and shouted a battle cry. She currently is great rivals with Arachne. All the children of Athena have a great fear of spiders, scared that Arachne has sent them to avenge her transformation. Although, the spiders remain hostile to her and her children only. She is also rivals with Poseidon. Her talents are weaving and nearly everything, however Athena has reduced her looks to a minimum.


The sly and cunning goddess of wisdom is of course, very smart. She is also very competitive. She and her children also seem to have a fear of spiders throughout the series, for Arachne's sake. 


Athena has dark black hair and gray eyes. She usually wears blue.


Athena doesn't actually have any powers, but she is the smartest Goddess. Her battle tactics are extremely accurate so her father Zeus depends on her when there is a battle. She can get mad easily and punish people horridly. (She turned Arachne into a spider.)


Meet Athena - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief00:47

Meet Athena - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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