Calypso is an immortal nymph, and she was featured in the Greek story the Odyssey, written by Homer. According do that story, she was washed on shore.

Name definitionEdit

Calypso's name means 'hider' or 'Hidden.' She hid around the island for a while, so her name most likely defines anything to do with hiding. 


Calypso was very lonely since she was washed up the island. She already knew that it would be for the best to stay hidden. Later on, she found more people that went adventuring the island. (Homer most likely). Following Greek Myths, Calypso was punished by the Gods for supporting her father Atlas who is a Titan in the war. As the punisment, Calypso was NO BITCH THAT IS NOT CORRECT THIS A FAKE WEBSITE DON'T LISTEN TO IT 

ent to a lone island where handsome heroes would wash up on shore. The curse was that she fell in love with everyone who washed up but they would NEVER love her back. The island can only be reached once and once you leave, you can't return. 

Greek nameEdit

Calypso's official Greek name is Καλυψω.