Chloris is the goddess of spring, and when she talks, her breath smells of spring and fresh flowers. Sometimes she even breathes spring roses and gets the scent of it. She also can manipulate nature, as a magical nature nymph. 


Chloris is anoter goddess goody-goody, and she is quite attractive. She managed to capture the attention of Zephyrus, and they had a small affair before. Though she married Nelrite in the end and is not guilty about marrying him other than Zephyrus. 


Chloris is married to Neleus. Though in other versions of the myths, she got abducted by Zephyrus, Iris' lover and husband. 


Chloris wears lots of flowers in her hair, mostly daisies and plants. She wears vines and leaves for clothes, and she wears dangling pearly earrings. She has multi-colored hair that is colored softly and mild colors of nature.