Echo was a talkative and gossipy nymph who got punished by Hera because of spreading rumors. Hera's curse was that Echo could only repeat the last words of what other people around her say. There was once a handsome man called Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection. Echo loved him, but Narcissus never loved her back. He was too absorbed with himself, both of them pined away. Unlike Pheme, her gossip is well not appreciated. Echo soon died away, now transformed to the forever-lasting wind which can be heard whistling words on the mountaintops.  


Echo was a gossipy nymph, but now, she is a spiritless soul, trapped and she thinks that she has nothing better to do with her life than wish for something better to happen, and moap. Though she fascinates on picking flowers, and strolling in the mild fields.

Greek nameEdit

Echo's official Greek name is Εχω.

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