Enodia is the goddess of crossroads and gates, is possibly one of the many personality traits of Hecate. Since Hecate is more involved with magic, Enodia would be lacking that perspective in her duty of a goddess. Besides all that, Enodia was unfortunately forgotten, because not many people know about her and she disappeared because she was too minor or too hidden from Mount Olympus and her other residing areas.


Enodia likes to be alone and free, but got too carried away. Being one of the many personalities of Hecate, she is supposed to be more known with the Olympians and out in the open, making some friends and doing evertday duties like every Olympian should. Although, she likes to roam around in her little fantasy world full of darkness, doors, crossroads and gates where she can be alone and free. She wants everyone to stay away from her so she can live her live, but got too alone in the end and disappeared anyway.

She is known as a black unpleasant lady by Hecate, as Hecate thinks that Enodia is worthless, despite the fact that Enodia is a part of her.

Greek nameEdit

Enodia's official Greek name is Ενόδια.

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