Enyo the Goddess of War

Enyo is possibly an extremely minor personality trait of Athena, and by being so, is another goddess of war. Enyo was also mentioned along with some other Olympians in the Illiad, written by Homer, the boastful writer who wrote about Mount Olympus and its good and bad qualities. Enyo also works with Ares for fighting for and by with the Trojans, and once led them as well.


Enyo's companions and emblems reflect a lot to her personality. They are pain, famine, and panic. Coincidentally, she is one of the Graiai (one of the grey sisters that not many know about).


Enyo is the mother of Eris, the goddess of discord. Eris has many different semi-related mothers, and she is one of them. Enyo is possibly the goddess who's suffering got passed on by Eris.

Greek nameEdit

Enyo's official Greek name is Ενυο and Ενυω.

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