Eris Goddess Girls
Vital statistics
Position A troublemaker and feared person
Age Any age (biologically/possibly 14)
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Aphrodite
Unnamed crush
Personality Feisty, sassy, problematic, vindictive, conniving, rude, impolite, impatient, insensitive.
Goddess of Discord and Strife
Status Immortal (alive)
Popularity A feared student all-around.

Eris is the main antagonist in "Aphrodite the Fair". She made her first book debut in this book, and unlike her myth self, she does not carry a golden apple, but a golden apple trophy which sets certain people (Aphrodite, Athena and Hera in the latter's fight for the golden apple because of its affect on girls, based off the real story in the mythology for who is dubbed the most beautiful). As a star role in "Aphrodite the Fair", she plans to ruin her younger brother, Ares' party. Although not evil, she is simply known for being extremely mischievous and is known for her trouble making. As such, she's been expelled from her Middle School, and ten other schools but wishes to keep her bad reputation as much as a secret as possible. Her enchanted golden apple trophy has carvings which are well-detailed because of the inscription "For the Fairest".

Back when they were children, Eris was tricked by Ares to not attend MOA by lying to her how only one of the siblings of a family could enter, because he did not want trouble at MOA, adding onto their childhood's split ends left uncut for a long period of time.


Eris is also known as the mischievous party-crasher. Her magic apple is used for enchantments and a large source of trouble already, as she did to Aphrodite and Athena, driving their friendship apart. Despite her bold outlook to look shy, insecure and innocent, she actually has a bad attitude towards positiveness and friendliness, as she'd rather someone else's life.


Aphrodite - Eris has been warmly welcomed by Aphrodite to MOA due to Aphrodite's open-mindedness of how she is her crush's sister.

Athena - Due to constant praise by Eris, Athena is career-driven to improve on her role as an important student at MOA, but the two don't normally talk.

Unnamed crush - Eris was spotted admiring a blue slip note from her crush back at Corinthian Middle School.


Eris has a normal sarcastic look on her face. She has a stereotypical sarcastic girl hair, and dark blood red lips. Her hair is extremely dark purple-blue, and near black. She has very pale skin. She is described to be small compared to her brother Ares, however since she feeds on discord, she gains power off the vibe.  


Eris has a dark purple chiton, darker blood red sandals, and dark apple earrings. She wears a small necklace and has purple eyeshadow, a shoulder band, and red bracelets. 


As described, Eris carries a black bag which inside, is a golden apple trophy she got off an Olympian dollar store.

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