Gaia is the goddess of the Earth, and she rules the Earth well. She is a major goddess. She ordered her son Cronos to overthrow his father Uranus for shoving the Titans back into their mothers womb. That was her husband for her first batch of children-the Titans.  


Merciless, vile, cruel, but she wasn't as much as that when she wanted to spare lives on Earth. For at times she could be mean, she is also caring and loving. 

Goddess Girls Edit

Personality Edit

Gaia is a pompous, loud and demanding goddess. Despite being newly sprung out of Tartarus, she helped alongside her son, Typhon, in release. It appears he doesn't show much thanks. he got captured again too.

Appearance Edit

Since Gaia is the earth, she sometimes is depicted as the earth or a woman made out of the earth. She can be dressed in earth or like it to. Normaly she has drown hair and a green dress with vines and flowers on it.

Associations Edit

Gaia associates well with Cronus and works with him as he is her son, whereas Rhea is the loyal Titan and wife of Cronus, she doesn't approve of Cronus' behavior.

Roman nameEdit

Gaia's official Roman name is Terra



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