Goddess Girls - Pygmalion and Galatea

Galatea is a minor character in the series and a primary character in "Aphrodite the Diva". She started off her role as a worshipped statue by Pygmalion, her admirer and creator, which both Aphrodite and Isis found very silly.

Personality Edit

Galatea initially had no personality, but she is very kindhearted and grateful for her new life living on Mount Olympus. Pygmalion was extremely grateful to Aphrodite with the help of Athena and her spells.

Life Edit

Galatea had no life at the beginning, although she was extremely grateful of Pygmalion's love and praise, and her new life. Now, Galatea is to be an immortal statue. She was the second being in school formed out of clay, the first being Pandora.

Friends Edit

Aphrodite - Although Aphrodite was the one responsible, she decided with great modesty, to make both of them the goddessgirls of love from bringing Galatea to life, which overjoyed Pygmalion.

Pygmalion - As the creator, friend and boyfriend of Galatea, he is extremely happy that she came to life.

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