Most of the goddesses possess their own Goddess symbol in which is used to represent themselves. Most of them are popular goddesses, however some more minor than the others can also posess more than one symbol.

Goddess SymbolsEdit

The goddesses listed will have a symbol in the gallery in order. This will be listed in alphabetical order.

Aphrodite - Aphrodite has various symbols, however, one does in fact stand out. Since in Roman, she is known as Venus, which is the official representation for females, she has a female-specific sign. She also has the swan as her symbol, however it is not as well-known as her other ones.

Artemis - Artemis has one symbol. The symbol of a full moon and two crescent moons on the sides of it. Sometimes, it her symbol can be an upside-down crescent moon, used worldwide to symbolize the symbol of bravery. 

Athena - Athena has far too many symbols, but an owl is Athena's main symbol. 

Hera - Hera's symbol is an asterick on top of Aphrodite's symbol.

Hestia - Hestia's symbol resembels a fire. It is a simplified version of a fire on top of a big table. 

Iris - Unlike all the other goddesses, Iris is a medium-level major Olympian god, but a major sky god. She surprisingly has many symbols. One of them, the iris is a French symbol that they still use today that was named after her. It occasionally has musical notes dancing around it. The other one, a caduceus, is a symbol that both Hermes and she share. The last one is a full-gold rainbow.



Although Iris is not the most major Olympian out there, she, unlike even the most major goddesses, has her own drachma. The Greeks believed that if they get her drachma and toss it into the air or any mist, they would chant a chant and Iris would brighten their lives. The only other goddess that got her own drachma is Athena. 

The coins contain their supposed symbols that the Greeks thought from a long time ago. 

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