Many goddesses own special items, so here are the items that they own-listed alphabetically;

Achlys-Potion bottles, used for poisons and turning flowers into poison.

Antheia-Flowery wreaths, she wears them and makes them for her friends.

Aphrodite-Swan cart; Is used for long-distance travels, can be active once casted a spell.

Artemis-Bow & Arrow; Bow is in the exact shape of the moon, arrows are extremely sharp.

Athena-Medusa shield, used in war to scare the mortals that Medusa would turn them into stone.

Demeter-Basket, used for picking crops in fall.

Hera-Peacock accessories, she wears them each time she leaves her castle, and also owns a peacock.

Iris-Imperial staff & jug, for making rainbows, staff is for her humble rule over the Olympians.

Persephone-Flowers, she carries them around for decoration the Underworld.

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