Harmonia is the goddess of harmony and concord, the exact opposite of Eris, goddess of discord. She and Eris are both minors, but Harmonia tries hard to put a stop to the war between the Titans and Olympians, whereas Eris tries hard to continue the war because it pleases her. Harmonia is the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. She married the hero Cadmus and had six children: Ino,  Polydorus, Autonoë, Agave and Semele. In the end, she and Cadmus got turned into a snake as punishment from her father.  


Eris is her enemy. Any other goddess or mortal that has something to do with discord is her enemy. 


Harmonia is extremely fond of peace and harmony, as her name specifies and states. Also described to be down-to-earth because of her fondness to mortals. She has an extremely big heart, and her heart is completely pure, without bad thoughts whatsoever. Harmonia is also described as a goody-goody, and she loves being right. 

Greek nameEdit

Harmonia's official Greek name is Ἁρμονια.