Hera is the goddess of peacocks, marriage and childbirth. She is very vengeful and if people get on her bad side, she might drop a statue on their legs or simply send her sacred animal leave a little "present" for the victim. Hera is also sly and cunning but she has a softer side to her personality. In the Percy Jackson series, it does not show her close friendship with her personal messenger, Iris, though in the myth they appear to be friends. She also has a grudge against all children of Zeus except for Jason Grace, who she appears to be the patron of. She claims that Jason is her hero and champion. 


Like her mythology self, Hera is extremely mean and prideful. She might come out as arrogant as her mythology self. 


Hera is the Queen of the Heavens which means she has power over all the Olympians. She has the standard powers of a goddess and can punish them whenever she wants, which is mostly all the time. 


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