Polls - polls number three-0


Yellow. Sure, it's happy and cheerful, but deep down, it's complicated and regal, and it can be just as good! -Hera.

Blue! It's sheek, smart and just plain awesome. -Athena.

Green, like the forest! The forest should know it's protector when they see it. -Artemis.

Rainbow colors, but if I had to choose JUST one, it would be purple. I wear it a lot too! -Iris.

Red and pink. They're girly colors to make anyone admire you. -Aphrodite.

Turqoise! The mixture of blue and green equals nature's ultimate help! -Persephone.

White, the purest, most calmest color I can think of. -Antheia.

Orange. It's a warm and extreme color. -Hestia.

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