Iris goddess

Iris is the female messenger of the gods, and delivers "Iris Messages" to them. She has been mentioned and had a few roles in the Percy Jackson series. Although, she has no role in the Percy Jackson movies yet. She is the manager of Rainbow Organic Foods and Lifestyles, (R.O.F.L. for short,) and she has a loyal employee called Fleecy, a cloud nymph. She thinks Taoism and Buddhism is fascinating and indulges in them. She practically lets Fleecy take over her job as the messenger. Iris doesn't like wars or fights.


The very welcoming and helpful goddess of the rainbow desires in taking her help to a whole new level - opening her R.O.F.L. shop to give advice for others. She is kind and supportive to anyone, and is optimistic when it comes to giving advice to others. 


Iris' smile brightens up anyone's day - literally. She wears thick glasses, but still manages to look glamorous anyway.


Iris has photokinesis in the series, and does not usually fight. She once put a rainbow shield around her shop that would burn anything. She also uses her rainbows as a whip. She also can summon pegasi, and she can move at extremely fast speeds. 

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