Vital statistics
Position Queen of the ice and snow, neutral, bad
Age Any age
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Gaia
Personality Shy
Khione (Chione)
Goddess of The ice and snow
Status Immortal (alive)
Popularity Unpopular

Khione is the beautiful goddess of snow, and has a father called Boreas, the god of the North wind. She is a minor goddess. Since she is normally alone, she resides on a snowy mountaintop, and she almost never talks to anyone, or sets foot on Mount Olympus, otherwise she could freeze everything. In some versions of the myth, Khione's hair is dark. However, it is likely to have turned white due to her dwelling in show for so much.

She is nicknamed in Roman: The Lady of Cold. In Greek, she is simply known as the goddess of snow.


Khione is sometimes fun, and slightly vague. But, she can tend to be cruel like the snow can, and freeze people. She sometimes is uncertain and can get pushed by peer pressure, and is shy when getting told off. She often cries a lot due to her loneliness. Although, due to her devotion to Gaia, she has been influenced to turn evil and has done so.


Khione's dress is as white as snow, so people wouldn't see hervery well in the plain white snow, as she is disguised and she blends in well. Khione's hair is fully white, or platinum-blonde, and her skin is a fair colour. Her eyes are emerald-green and she wears a small green headpiece around her head. She also has a necklace, in the shape of a snowflake.

Greek nameEdit

Khione's official Greek name is Cionhe.  

Roman NameEdit

Her Roman name is Chione, though it doesn't make such a difference from her Greek counterpart.


Khione is not really a popular goddess to befriend, but she is friends and associates well with Gaia, the mother goddess.

Powers Edit

As the goddess of snow, Khione has utter control over snow.

  • Khione has utter control over snow.
  • Khione can manipulate snow.
  • Khione can make snowflakes out of thin air.
  • Khione can literally wear snow.



Love interest - Khione always hopes that Hermes has found of her infatuation, so she sometimes pledges to Hermes that she wold do anything to make him like her back. Although, she enjoys beating up other girls who are also interested in Hermes.


  • Khione resembles Elsa from Disney's animated film Frozen, and Elsa is officially named "the Snow Queen". Khione is the snow goddess.

Monthly updateEdit

Khione has been chosen to be this Wiki's theme in the upcoming months.

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