Laodice is a Hyborean maiden, and she and five other companions set off on a journey to the island of Delos. She married a nymph called Phoroneus. She is the daughter of Cinyras, and she is the mother of Stymphalus and Pereus. She is also a daughter of King Priam of Troy, and the older sister of Cassandra and Helenus. The tragic poets nickname her Electra, although she is originally a sky nymph. 


Laodice, very hard-working and not easily distracted, has successfully completed her quest. She feels satisfied with her life and her achievements in her quest. Although she has a small side of sarcasm, she is very stern and treats her younger sibligns, Cassandra and Helenus, quite fairly. 


  • Although the tragic poets call her Electra, she might not have any idea of Electra the cloud nymph. Electra is also a story that some poets made up, and many Greeks enjoy reading it. 

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