Polls - poll number seven

May has finally arrived! What genuine pass time are you going ot be doing this month? 

I would probably chat with my friends all day, or eat chocolate. -Hera

Perhaps I would do some sports, nothing's better than the great outdoors! -Artemis

I'd rather read a good book, or maybe do my homework and maths calculations, just to keep my brain going. -Athena

Go outside, run to my favorite place in the neighborhood and take off my high heels to listen to the great sound of a stream running down. -Iris

Watching the beautiful sunset peak at the end of the day with my favorite person in the world! -Aphrodite

Make new flowers bloom at this point! May's such a great month for new flowers to add to my lovely, colorful flower collection! -Persephone

Starting a fire in the woods would be beautiful. The perfect weather for making a fire, and smelling the memorial aroma just simply feeds me. -Hestia

Dance around with my besties and make daisy chains all day long! -Antheia

Better make sure my daughter is out of trouble! -Demeter

Go to the beach and take a swim in the ocean! I hope I get to meet some of my dolphin friends when I'm there! -Amphitrite

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