Persephone - Percy Jackson

Persephone is the minor goddess of springtime and flowers. She has very shy nature towards people. She is the Queen of the Underworld. She resents living with Hades as mentioned in The Demigod files. She would rather be out in the spring sunshine with her mother.


Persephone seems to have not really seemed to have fallen under Hades' charm, as she is seen to worship her freedom if she has it. Although, unlike her, Hades likes to keep Persephone to himself. She is an opportunist to think that Hades does not own her. 


Persephone has very dark hair and a broad, calm smile on her face all the time. She usually wears green. She sometimes disobeys Hades and tries to make him more powerful than his brothers but Hades knows better.


Persephone can control springtime and nature. 


Meet Persephone - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief00:54

Meet Persephone - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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