Like the monthly decoration themes of the Wiki, there are poll themes as well. Here are the themes for the goddesses chosen for this year, in alphabetical order. These posts will relate to goddesses in a specific way.

Achlys (polls for October, month of scares.) Polls such as: Who do you think is the most evil?

Aphrodite (polls for February, month of love.) Polls such as: If you had to choose any method of finding true love, what would it be?

Artemis (polls for July, month of independence.) Polls such as: If you had an independent or bold color, what would it be?

Athena (polls for April, month of fun.) Polls such as: Who do you think is the smartest muse? 

Demeter (polls for September, month of harvest.) Polls such as: What would be the freshest crop Demeter would ever grow?

Hera (polls for June, month of relaxation.) Polls such as: If you were the boss forever, what would you do? 

Hestia (polls for November, month of preparing for winter.) Polls such as: What is your favorite element? 

Iris (polls for May, month of the colorful scenery.) Polls such as: If you had any color for a goddess, what would it be?

Khione (polls for December, month of winter.) Polls such as: There's a terrible blizzard outside, do you...

Cassandra and Tyche (polls for August, month of luck.) Polls such as: Who is luckier? 

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