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Story (continuation)Edit

Iris defeated her own sister, Arke, and felt very satistfied yet ashamed of herself. Electra, her loving mother and Thaumus, her father, would still be ashamed of her as well. 

"Help!" Athena called. The titans were able to resist her shield, and luckily, Artemis came to her aid, and shot an arrow at the titans, wiping them out. Aphrodite was dealing with the titans effortlessly. She flipped her hair flirtatiously and endlessly at them, leaving them breathless in awe. 

Khione made a large snow cloud above the titans, leaving them frozen to death in the small blizzard. Almost all the titans were wiped out, except for one, Cronus. 

"Give it up, old man! We obviously won!" Iris yelled. 

"Next time you won't be so lucky." Cronus threatened. Artemis did an 'I-have-no-idea-what-he-meant' face.  

"Oh, well, there's a spring that we will always remember. We won too!" Antheia said, relieved. 


  • Not many female titans joined the war, and usually mortal titan soldiers did instead. 

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