Tethys goddess of water

Tethys is the goddess of water. She is not very big or bold on Mount Olympus, and just like all the other water goddesses, likes to stay hidden. Tethys also has the ability and power to break chains. She is not a strong goddess in particular, but her looks should not be judged. 

She is also very grateful that she can manipulate water at will, because it would be great self-defense against others, and it helps her when people on Mount Olympus insult her as well. 

Later on, like Arke, Tethys became a Titan. But unlike her, she doesn't really care of who will win in the war. 


Tethys is quite used to people insulting her, so one day, she fled to the ocean, and people rarely see her. Tethys can get angry at times as well. 


Tethys has dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wears chains all the time, and on her chain is a large water bubble. She most likely made that bubble. 

Greek namesEdit

Tethys' official Greek name is Τηθυς.

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