Andromeda and perseus


Andromeda's father, King Cepheus, decided to give the Ammon oracle his daughter, to put her skills to the test. Although, her skills fail and the oracle Ammon chained her to a rock and will later on use the tide to drown her. 


"Help! Somebody, help me!" Andromeda cried for help, but no one came. 

But in a flash, a demigod showed up. 

"My name is Perseus, slayer of Medusa, and I'm here to bust you out." 

"But they're watching." Andromeda said. "Nevermind." Perseus said. He pulled her chains apart and Andromeda yanked Perseus away. "We have to hide-in that cave!" Andromeda said spontaneously. 

Inside the cave, it wasn't that dark, so they managed to see a little bit of light and saw the ocean going wild, washing the rock away. "Glad I'm not on the rock anymore, thanks to you..." Said Andromeda, obviously flirting with Perseus. 

"Uhh...Yeah, well, I don't think we're supposed to go out there, because the oracle thinks your dead, so..." Perseus continued. "Well, we can dig out of this cave, and find new places to live. I'm sure there's more life outside this cave!" Andromeda exclaimed. 

"Maybe, but how are we going to dig out? We don't have any powers." Perseus said. "But, I am the goddess of dreams, so maybe I can make an illusion that leads us out of the cave!" Andromeda decided. "Not a bad idea! I guess we have to hold hands for our minds to link?" Perseus asked. Andromeda ditzily giggled. "Hehe...yes..." 

Andromeda and Perseus held hands, and they imagined large boulders blocking their path. That happened in reality, so they pushed the boulders out of the way, and found civilisation of Mount Olympus. Together, they frolicked in the fields, happily, holding hands forever. 

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