Chloris and Zephyrus

Chloris, the pretty and lovable flower nymph decided to go for a small stroll in the sides of Mount Olympus. She took a deep breath, and flower petals magically started to appear. She sat down on the soft grass, and lay down and gazed at the sun. 

Strangely, there were rustling in the bushes. She tried to talk to her flowers but there weren't any flowers there to ask. 

"Hello?" She called. The bush kept on rustling, and suddenly, Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, Iris' husband, jumped out of the bushes. 

He jumped on Chloris and tied her up. Chloris saw what was coming and tried to use her spring breezes to blow him away, but since Zephyrus was the god of the west wind, he obviously beat her winds easily.

"Enough games!" Zephyrus quickly gagged her so she could not create any more winds, and flew off. 

"Mmph!" Chloris squealed, struggling in frustration. After a short flight, Zephyrus set Chloris down onto the sand near his house. He gave Iris a quick kiss goodbye, and Iris saw something peculiar. 

"Zephyrus, what is that?" She asked in suspicion. "Oh, I don't have time! I have to take Pathos and Butch to the Immortal Marketplace." After Iris, Pathos and Butch flew off, Zephyrus undid her gag. 

"Let me go. I didn't do anything wrong!" Chloris said. 

"True. But Iris doesn't spend time with me anymore, and I just need someone to talk to." Zephyrus admitted guiltily. 

"Well why didn't you just say so?" Chloris said with a sarcastic giggle. "Talk to Iris. Tell her you need more time with her, or just go with her and your kids." 

"That's a great idea! I'll go to her right now!" Zephyrus said determined. 

"Wait! Can you set me loose? Please?" Chloris asked, but Zephyrus had already left. "Thorns!" Chloris cursed.