Hermes and goddesses


Khione, the goddess of snow, couldn't take her shyness push any further. She was going to simply tell Hermes that she liked him, though other girls kept on coming to him, as they were drawn to him too. She thought that it would be easy, but her answer was way off.


Khione was rehearsing her lines at a mirror for Hermes, since she hasn't talked to anyone in a long time. She went to the Mount Olympus dump where most of the immortals' garbage was normally dumped, and saw Hermes sitting on top of a mattress pile, scoping new objects, with dozens of women swooning at him—especially the reknowned Nymphs; Penlopia, the maids of Kerse and Athens, her, and Phokis. They seemed to all be competing, and were already there, sititng on the mattress pile already before him. Hermes sent them on a task to find the shiniest items in the pile and give it to him, and they just might be rewarded with something.

"I found a shiny pole!" Penlopia cried. Hermes did not answer her, but just rolled his eyes. He then found Khione well-dressed, but leaving a frost trail behind her. This went on for a while, and Khione finally spoke up.

"Um, do you want me to go up there and help you..?" Khione trailed on. She then realised that Hermes was drawn to a flower, she looked closer and saw him googling his eyes over a Krokos flower.

"What's that you're holding there?" Khione asked curiously, since she's never seen a flower before.

"The lovely Krokos." Hermes stared at it endlessly, and the nymphs decided to abandon him, since there he didn't seem like he needed his assistance. Though since Khione never really walked on Spring ground before, she decided to stay with Hermes.

"That's a pretty flower, huh?" Khione asked, sitting next to Hermes. Hermes eagerly nodded, smelling its fragrance this time.

"Mind if I take a look?" Khione asked. Hermes gave it to her, and she froze it with one touch. She smiled, and jumped down the mattress pile, and winked at Hermes. She made a snowflake for him and blew it like she would've blown a kiss. The snowflake was worthy enough for a trade, for it was made of pure frost.

Hermes threw the flower away, as he drew interest in Khione's snowflake instead, and wondering what he would get in exchange for that trade.