Demeter mourning

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Demeter was very upset that her daughter, Persephone, decided to leave Mount Olympus and go to the Underworld with Hades. She completely regretted that Persephone had to go. 


Maybe she was too overprotective? Demeter was planning to change herself anyways, so she walked to the biggest crack to the Underworld she could find, and hopefully be sucked in too, otherwise mourned in grief that her daughter left her for...Hades...

Demeter hated Hades so much that she wanted to slay him like a beast he was for stealing her precious flower away from her. 

A few seconds later, Demeter got sucked into the Underworld, and she knew the key to it now. Hate. The Underworld's level of hate grew stronger as she felt hot flames come from Hades' castle, where she could be able to take Persephone back. She knocked on the door and they opened quickly. 

"Persephone? Persy! Where are you?!" Demeter called through the empty halls of the lava-rock castle, though on the inside, the castle looked quite ordinary and welcoming. 

"Ah, miss Amphictyonis! Welcome to our castle." Hades said, walking down the polished stairs with Persephone. 

"PERSY!" Demeter cried in joy, ran to her and snatched her away from Hades. 

"Mother...What are you doing here?! I'm happy, and I thought that's what you wanted me to be." Persephone said, sensitively. Hades tried to kiss Demeter's hand in greeting, but Demeter pulled her hand away and smacked him with a wheat stem. 

"Ow! Persephone, tell your mother to leave already..." Hades pleaded. "I'm not leaving without Persephone." Later on, Hades and Demeter had constant bickering. Persephone got fed up and had just enough. 

"Quiet!" She yelled, her loud voice echoing through the halls. "I got an idea, and it's a fairly great one. Why don't you two agree that I will stay with mother in Autumn and Winter, and Hades in spring and summer?" Persephone asked. The two eagerly agreed. 

"It's Autumn now. Persephone, as you said, please come home." Demeter held her hand out, and Persephone happily went with her away from the Underworld, safe back at Mount Olympus. Hades rolled his eyes, but closed his castle gates, waving goodbye. 


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