Pheme and Eros

Pheme had a crush on Eros, but Pheme never knew he liked her until rumours started...

Pheme; EpilogueEdit



Eros was very hungry, so he wanted to go to the immortal marketplace. Suddenly, a figure of fiery-red, spiky hair floating around trying to tell everyone about her wings, was strangely appealing to him now. Maybe he liked winged goddesses after all.

Story Edit

Pheme was still doing her average things she does daily, which was to spread gossip. She was too bored, so she decided to go do something more fun, which was to hang out with Pandora and Medusa, they were planning on going to the Immortal Marketplace, since they were too busy to hang out before. They were looking around and saw Arachne's newest tapestries, and found lovely coloured chitons that they could wear. But with all the fun, Pheme knew there was something missing. She ignored it and went to collect her items. Strangely, an orange flash flew in front of her because she was walking slowly to the collecting department. She tapped on the man's shoulder as she only saw the back of his head.

"Um, 'scuse me, sir, but I was here first!" Pheme surprised.

She didn't realise who she was talking too, it was Eros. She looked really frightened because she didn't plan what to say!

"Sir? I'm your FRIEND. Don't call me sir, Pheme, thank you." Eros said.

Pheme looked sorry, and eventually apologised.

"Come on Pheme, can we go?" Pandora asked.

"Yeah. I want to take my stoneglasses off now." Medusa threatened. Pandora ran away before she could get turned into stone again.

"I'll catch up with you." Pheme said "So, Eros, shall we chat?" Pheme felt a gossip sensation coming around.

"Before we do this, I got to say something." They both said at the same time.

"As the god of love, I have to say... I liked winged women. Besides Iris." Eros said.

"Wait... WINGED?!" Pheme exclaimed. She slapped Eros and stormed away.