Psyche and Eros


Psyche was walking around on the grounds on Mount Olympus, and into some special gardens where the nature goddesses pick some flowers. Psyche loved flowers, so she picked a few, but as she picked some, she noticed that the small gate was open to a garden. The gate's encrusted letters read: Eros, daughter of the Lover. 

Psyche knew who the lover was, Aphrodite, of course. But she didn't know who Eros was at all. She, with a curious impulse, decided to go in and find out if Eros was around. She walked into the dim shade of fresh flowers and found him. He was better looking than she ever imagined. He had lovely colored wings, and he seems as misunderstood as she was. 

"Hello? You left your gate open." Psyche said. 

"Oh, apologies, miss. I'm Eros. The flowers say you're called Psyche." Eros said, sniffing a fresh rose. 

"So I've heard. Why are you hiding in here? The sun is much better outside this garden." Psyche said.

"I know, but mother won't let me out. I have to stay here and make sure that I'll stay out of trouble." Eros explained. 

"I'm guessing you need some company then! I've always wanted to stay in a place where the sun isn't always shining and where I can finally be alone with someone to talk to." Psyche confessed. "Sometimes the sun's blazing hot on me, and I feel awfully dizzy, in fact, I just like dreaming a lot." 

Psyche yawned. "I like this place. Mind if I...take a nap...for a few minutes or so?" She started to close her eyes, and Eros placed his arm on her back, and layed her down. 

"Psyche? Please wake up. My mother will be coming back soon any second." Eros warned. "I don't think she'd be pleased if she found a pretty goddess in my garden." Psyche blushed. 

"Look, just hide yourself, the flowers tell me she's coming!" Eros urged. Psyche thought fast, and hid herself in a flower bed. 

"Oh, Eros honey, how was your day?" Aphrodite came in. "The usual, mother." Eros said. "Good." Aphrodite said. Aphrodite later on disappeared deeper into the garden's flower shade. "She's gone." Eros called. Psyche walked out of the bush, and stared at the moonlight. 

"You look lovely in the moonlight, Psyche." Eros complimented. Psyche let out a small giggle and sat down on the bench with Eros. There was an awkward pause of silence. "So, I should probably go..." Psyche said. "It's alright, you can stay. I love company, especially from a friend who finally understands." Eros said.

She put her hand under his chin and Eros put his hands around her, she then kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks, I'll just come again tomorrow, and we'll have even more fun." Psyche looked behind her and winked at Eros, leaving him struck with his own arrow. 

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