Themis - Goddess Girls
Vital statistics
Position oracle-in-training in Delphi
Age Any age (possibly 12)
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Amphitrite (possibly)
Personality Personality
Goddess of Balance, law and order.
Status Immortal (alive)
Popularity N/A.

Themis is a newly-introduced character from the book series Goddess Girls. Nothing much is known about her yet, however she is a oracle-in-training in the new setting in the series, Delphi. She and Amphitrite are twins.


Themis has curly auburn-red hair and pale emerald green eyes. She has pale pink lips.


Themis wears an orange chiton with a drape/shoal accentuated with yellow. She has a neon orange hair tie which she ties in a cross-stitch along with orange cuffs. She wears yellow teardrop earrings and a weighing scale necklace.

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