Vandalism has never occured to this Wiki before, but making mass edits/adding a large amoutn of pages each day would be vandalising. If so, the account that vandalised (hacked or not), will still be banned. If the people are being rude to other users/swearing, please report to Iris or Bimbola. A chat might be accquired in some time. 


  • Do not put false information by impulse, accident and on purpose. That would still count as vandalising. 


  • Do not tell anyone your account password. If it was either monitored in chat to being on your profile/message wall, the account would be banned.

Personal InfoEdit

  • This is too classified to know, such as addresses, surnames (possibly), phone numbers, etc. If found, this account will be dealt with.

"Troll" AccountsEdit

Troll accounts are accounts that have been used for swearing, vandalising by a certain user so that their original account won't get banned, they also stalk wikias.